Dark retreat

Tibetan Health & Education Center Men Ling
provides in Estonia special facilities for individual retreats and dark retreat- a solo retreat in a
space that is completely absent of light.


As in Tibetan traditions it is often suggested to combine dark retreat
with various preliminary practices (1-7 weeks or longer) our specially designed
retreat house can be used in multi functional way – retreats with
natural light as well as in total darkness with no optical stimulation


Men Ling countryside center is close to summer resort Pärnu — 130 km from Tallinn and 190 km from Riga, both easily reached by various airlines. Transfer from airports can be easily organized by bus (luxexpress.eu etc.) or with Men Ling transport.
Retreat dome is situated 15 km from Pärnu, between the fields of
village Jõõpre.  It is a quiet house with cozy conditions. 


The dome offers a little kitchen –(refrigerator, oven, water heater,
kitchen sink, ceramic electric cooker — all electric equipment is
without indicator lamp), shower, toilet, and a double door
system for food supply during darkness over 1 week).
As there are  refrigerator and water-heater suitable for dark you can
easily manage with the food (hot drinks, instant porridge and soups, fruits and vegetables etc.)  on their own during one week retreat. If you are more than one week, if needed, we can supply also warm meal once a day.
For the dark retreat the house is heated with electric heaters (no
indicator lamp). If you use the house for normal solitary retreat with
open window covers, there is also a little oven for heating. The average
temperature in the house is ca 20 degrees Celsius, even in winter.


1-7 days — 45 eur per night for 1 person. 
7 and more days — 40 euros per night 
If booking the room for longer than 3 days we will take nonrefundable 70 euros reservation fee.
The price of the warm vegetarian meal from the second week (if needed) will be 8 eur
per dish.



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