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Men Ling countryside center is close to summer resort Pärnu — 130 km from Tallinn and 190 km from Riga, both easily reached by various airlines.

You can easily get to the nearby city of Pärnu from both airports by various bus lines (such as Lux Express, FlixBus etc). If necessary, we can pick you up at the Pärnu bus station and bring you to the country center in Jõõpre, where the dark retreat house is located.

The retreat dome is situated 18 km from Pärnu, at the end of the fields of village Jõõpre. It is a quiet house with cozy conditions. 


There is an “MEIE” store in the center of Jõopre. It remains on the left-hand side both from Tallinn and Pärnu.

About 100 m from the store, driving towards Lavasaare, you will see a new kindergarten and a school building on the right. On the turnaway is a stainless steel SILVER NIGHT OWL. Turn right from there. You drive past the school building, over a small bridge, and along the milled asphalt road straight ahead for 1 km until the road ends at a field. In front of you is a milk crate with three old milk cans and mailboxes.

From there turn left under the Eramaa sign and turn right after 30 meters.

Don’t be confused by the lights of the farmhouse across the road on the left, who is our neighbor. Our Men Ling Tibetan Medical Center’s yellow, red-stone roofed building can be seen in the distance behind  the fir trees after you have turned to the little road on the right.




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