A dark retreat is an ideal form of rest for all human senses, the body, and the nervous system as a whole.

By cutting off the stimulation of the light vibration to the eyes — that is, the flow of information from the sense of sight — a large part of the nerve receptors associated with our senses has been forced to rest.

Above all, the sense of sight rests. In the dark seclusion, between closed doors and walls, there is no important material for the sense of hearing either.

When sitting meditatively in a dark room, most of the sensations experienced with the sense of touch disappear due to the lack of movement and the lack of everyday activities.

With the help of simple food or fasting, the exhaustion of the sense of taste, which has become more and more common in today’s society, is reduced. In a closed but well-ventilated room, the sense of smell rests from foreign smells.

Allowing yourself to feel high-quality “boredom” in the dark gives you the opportunity to think through your thoughts once in a while and to let your head empty, to sleep without pangs of conscience, and to relax.

The body will thank you for this total rest with better physical condition and calmer nerves.